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Miru. The new way to see.

Miru contact lenses are designed to let you see the world in a new way. Developed in Japan, they take their name from the Japanese word for seeing. And from the time you wake up in the morning until you go to sleep at night, they let you look at life in a bright new way.

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High oxygen permeability lets your eyes breathe

Our newly developed silicone hydrogel lens material offers excellent oxygen permeability to help keep your eyes naturally healthy.


Thin edges for wettability and comfort

Uniformly thin edge design minimizes discomfort when lenses are first put in, and helps retain moisture for enhanced wettability and all-day comfort.

figure:Unique edge design for optimum comfort

Clear, clean and hygienic

Advanced lens material helps prevent protein buildup so you can enjoy clear vision all day, every day.

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